New Shipping Policy: Lithium Products

New Shipping Policy: Lithium Products

Due to updated shipping requirements, CDW has reduced the number of lithium batteries that can be shipped in a single box. Additionally, boxes that contain certain lithium products, such as laptops, digital cameras, tablets and spare batteries, will be labeled as containing lithium items.

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Q: How will this impact me as a customer?
A: You may now receive multiple boxes for individual lithium battery orders, resulting in increased freight charges and the number of boxes required to fulfill a shipped order. You will also now receive CDW boxes with additional labeling.

Q: Will orders containing a lithium product experience any delays in processing?
A: No. I.T. work has been done to ensure that orders flow through our normal automated processes and ship out as normal.

Q: Is every product that contains lithium limited to two (2) per box?
A: No. Only standalone batteries are limited to two (2) per box due to the requirements that apply to the shipment of spare and/or single batteries.

Q: Why is CDW implementing this change?
A: CDW has enhanced its shipping procedures to ensure compliance with shipping requirements. We will continue to evaluate our shipping processes in an effort to identify ways to minimize the impact.

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